Choosing a New Water Heater

There are a few different types of water heaters you’ll want to know about before selecting a replacement:

Gas water heaters: Gas heaters are an affordable option and have quicker fill times, which makes them especially useful for large families. They also can continue functioning during power outages.

Electric water heaters: Electric heaters are typically less cost-effective than gas heaters, but they do have the advantage of being more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Tankless water heaters: Tankless heaters are a newer innovation in the heating industry. They are smaller and more efficient, which lowers your power bills. It also provides a constant supply of hot water when you need it, eliminating standby energy loss.

Whichever water heater you decide is best for your needs, Drain Experts is here to make sure the installation process goes smoothly and quickly.

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We are dedicated to providing fast, reliable customer care—even after business hours. If you have a water heater emergency, our team will take care of it on the spot—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We always give a free estimate before a water heater installation is performed so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We want to help you get your water heater installed right at a price that works for you.

Team of Experts

Our team of water heater installation experts in Rancho Cucamonga is well-trained in installation methods. You can rest assured that they will get your water heater installed quickly and properly.

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